We are projected to achieve a total combined total worth of RM1.2232 billion to date.


We are proud to have completed and delivered a total of 100 projects to date.



Dig-Cast Construction rigorously ensures that all construction projects possess quality standards and workmanship. We also take pride in our unblemished and unparalleled safety records while still completing projects on fast-track basis.


High-Rise Construction

Dig-Cast Construction specialises in construction of high-rise building such as condominiums, offices, service apartments and more.

Water, Energy and Infrastructure Construction

Involving mainly the construction of water treatment plants, sewerage treatment plants and power plants, we possess the technical expertise to construct sustainable infrastructures for better living.

Residential, Commercial and Industrial Building Construction

Residential, commercial and industrial building range from offices, landed residences, purpose-built or customised buildings to factories and warehouses.