Established since 1995, Dig-Cast Construction Sdn. Bhd. took its first humble step into the construction industry as a subcontractor. Hailing from the small beach town of Kuantan, Dig-Cast Construction Sdn. Bhd. has grown into a leading construction company in the East Coast Region gaining wide recognition for its quality of delivery.

Dig-Cast Construction Sdn. Bhd. has since grown into a well-diversified company with its core business being civil engineering and construction. Supporting companies ranges from equipment rental; trading; hardware material supplies and tiling services.

The company is currently positioning itself to grow further through a dynamic management team, visionary strategic planning and the burning desire for success. Its commitment to high standards of quality in terms of project delivery and project management will drive the company forward and achieve a higher level of success.

Through the humble beginnings as a subcontractor, Dig-Cast Construction Sdn. Bhd. understands the in and outs and the needs and wants of its clients. The company is truly focused on bringing total satisfaction to the clients whilst maintaining the company's commitment to excellence. Be it to our client or nation, Dig-Cast Construction Sdn. Bhd. will always strive to deliver quality.